Heritage Trial in Turkey

Heritage Trial in Turkey

Heritage Trial in Turkey

Heritage Trial in Turkey

You can find out and enjoy your legal rights in legal disputes and problems involving the inheritance law. 


Heritage Solicitors in Turkey

We offer legal and consultancy services for legal problems within the Inheritance Law. Areas of service include certificate of inheritance, division/distribution of inheritance and estate; if it cannot be shared, for elimination and partition of joint ownership, actions for nullity of title deed and land registration due to reserved portion and collusion, and disclaimer of inheritance.


You can solve numerous problems by getting Legal and Consultancy Service in areas such as.

Preparation of a will within the framework of inheritance law,

Partition and distribution of inheritance and estate without violating the legal reserved portions in the estate.

Filing actions for partition and elimination of joint ownership in case of the inheritance cannot be partitioned; actions of adequate pay for unpaid rents and income.




Filing actions for nullity of title deeds and land registrations in case of violation of reserved portions of inheritor and unjust and secret taking of estate.


Heritage Trial in Turkey

Declaratory actions for movable and immovable properties bequeathed,

Imposition of cautionary judgment to prevent the sales of properties identified.


You can Solve Problems in a Short Period of Time through Reconciliation and Mediation Service in Inheritance Law.

We offer multi-dimensional inheritance law services by finding solutions to the needs of our clients. Make use of our experience and transfer your problems by means of a single power of attorney. 




Av. İlkay Uyar Kaba
Av. İlkay Uyar Kaba

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