How Long Does It Take to Issue an Inheritance Certificate in Turkey?

How Long Does It Take to Issue an Inheritance Certificate in Turkey?
In inheritance law, the inheritance document determines the distribution of the deceased person's assets. This document, which can be obtained from Notaries or Civil Courts, enables heirs to manage and distribute their assets in accordance with the law.

Inheritance Certificate Issuance Time: Among the most frequently mentioned documents in inheritance law, the inheritance certificate outlines how the deceased's estate is to be distributed.

What Happens If the Inheritance Certificate Is Not Obtained?

The inheritance certificate is an official document evidencing the transfer of inheritance to legal heirs. Without a set time frame for obtaining this certificate, heirs can request it at any time. If not obtained, heirs cannot officially prove their rights over the deceased's estate, hindering the management and distribution of assets. This can lead to the freezing of assets like bank accounts and real estate, or the inability to initiate legal processes.

2024 Inheritance Certificate Fee: The fee for an inheritance certificate in 2024 varies by issuance location. The fee at notaries is approximately 892 TL, while obtaining it from the Civil Court of Peace requires about 2100 TL for advance expenses and litigation costs. These fees cover the necessary procedures and official formalities for obtaining the document.

Can the Inheritance Certificate Be Obtained via E-Government?

The e-government system facilitates access to many public services online; however, due to the nature of certain documents like the inheritance certificate requiring face-to-face transactions and issuance by authorized entities like notaries or courts, it cannot be obtained online. This is important for the legal validation and official transfer of inheritance.

How to Obtain an Inheritance Certificate?

The certificate can be obtained from either a notary or the Civil Court of Peace. At notaries, the document is usually ready the same day, while court-issued certificates may take several days. The process depends on the submission of necessary documents (death certificate, ID documents, heirs' population registration samples, etc.) accurately and completely.

What Happens After Obtaining the Inheritance Certificate?

Obtaining the inheritance certificate enables legal heirs to officially exercise their rights over the deceased's estate. This document is presented to banks, land registry offices, vehicle registration offices, etc., to legally transfer and distribute the deceased's assets among the heirs. The inheritance certificate is crucial for the fair and lawful distribution of the estate.

Time Frame for Issuance of the Inheritance Certificate: The certificate is typically issued within about 1 week following an application to the Civil Court of Peace. However, obtaining it from a notary can be completed within the same day.

Seeking legal support from experienced inheritance lawyers during this process is advised to ensure actions adhere to legal standards and procedures.

What Is an Inheritance Certificate?

Also known as the inheritance decree, it is a legal document showing how the estate is to be distributed among legal and appointed heirs. It indicates who the heirs are and their respective shares of the estate, ensuring legal rights to the inheritance.

Where Is the Inheritance Certificate Issued?

It can be obtained through Civil Courts or notaries. Previously exclusive to Civil Courts, the option to obtain it from notaries was later introduced, simplifying the process provided there is no "foreign element" among the heirs, meaning all parties are Turkish citizens residing in Turkey.

Required documents for obtaining the certificate from a notary include an ID, authorization if applying on behalf of another heir, and necessary forms. This process at the notary is straightforward, provided all required information is presented.

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