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The Benefits of Retaining a Lawyer in Turkey

The Benefits of Retaining a Lawyer in Turkey

The Benefits of Retaining a Lawyer in Turkey | Lawyers may be defined as the people who have importance dramatically and are “specialized in law” in our country. The point in this definition is lawyers are “specialized in law” as a consequence because the system called “law” is actually a matter of fact. For this reason, it is not possible that an average person who has not education about this situation cannot easily cope with an issue related to law.

We have mentioned above that a lawyer is required to be “specialized in law”. However, the thing that makes a person to a real lawyer is not “having a brilliant knowledge of rules of law”. To emphasize, the thing that a person to a real lawyer is a lawyer should be “justice warrior” and have a purpose to establish the supremacy of law in his every action.

Litigation included a lawyer may make you win your case. Take legal support and counselling for your issue. | The Benefits of Retaining a Lawyer in Turkey

In this article, we will mention the importance and advantages of attorneyship. Also, we will mention the problems in the absence of a lawyer and disadvantages of this.

As known, as per related articles of the constitution of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish citizens has some fundamental rights and freedoms.

According to article 36 of the constitution, everyone has the right of litigation either as plaintiff or defendant and the right to a fair trial before the courts through legitimate means and procedures. No court shall refuse to hear a case within its jurisdiction. This situation brings the right to a fair trial.

Although this is under constitutional assurance, it is up to people what kind of way needs to be followed. It is not necessary to have legal representation with a lawyer and to give a power of attorney for litigation for the right to legal remedies. However, to state that litigation with a lawyer is the most logical option for not losing the right because a lawyer is an expert in law to settle a dispute. An expert’s help would play a significant role to settle a dispute.

A lawyer’s job is to give counselling service for settling disputes and to litigate when required. In addition, she gives service for process management. In other words, she has many things to do, such as reviewing a contract between parties, prepare an agreement, commencing and checking execution for debt, taking an action for evacuation in terms of hirer, conducting a divorce suit fairly. | The Benefits of Retaining a Lawyer in Turkey

As mentioned before, it is not legally necessary to have legal representation reserving exceptions in legislation. In other words, every person can take an action without a lawyer. However, to express clearly, absence of a lawyer may lead to unintended consequences because as mentioned before, jurisprudence is “a system”.

This system may get complicated and require expertise. If a person who tries to settle a dispute in the absence of a lawyer does not pay attention to a detail, it may lead to serious loss of rights. To give an example, the importance of period of prescription is very important in enforcement law. If your right is statute-barred, this situation may bring about unrecoverable issues in terms of creditor. For these reasons, it is essential to have a legal representation with your lawyer. | The Benefits of Retaining a Lawyer in Turkey

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